Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group is open to all, regardless of whether they have a participant at The Little Red House. The Support Group is funded through a grant from Senior Resources of West Michigan.

Every Thursday morning from 10:00am - 11:00am in a comfortable room at The Little Red House, - Jim Powers, ACSW offers a listening ear and seasoned advice to anyone in the community who is caring for a friend or loved one with physical, cognitive, or psychosocial limitations. "Most people need guidance with such issues as isolation and depression that often accompany the burdens of caregiving," he offers. Jim helps find ways to alleviate the stress of caregiving and educates caregivers concerning local resources and how to access them.

For more information about Little Red House caregiver support group services, call Jim Powers at 616-402-8042.

The Little Red House Supports Caregivers

Bob and Edith Van Burgel - a love story more than half a century in the making. It was 1954 when the young couple, Bob and Edith Van Burgel settled in Spring Lake to start a family.

But like most love stories, Bob and Edith's life has had its times of tragedy. In 1995 Bob's health began to decline after he experienced a stroke followed a few months later by quadruple bypass surgery. While nursing Bob back to health, Edith endured several of her own health concerns. Bob suffered another debilitating series of strokes that drained him of his strength and much of his mobility. Bob lost interest in just about everything; and Edith, plagued with her own chronic pain, became not just wife but caretaker to Bob.

A friend casually mentioned The Little Red House to Edith after noting the change in Edith's usually happy demeanor. After learning more, Edith was impressed with The Little Red House and its services and enrolled Bob to attend two days per week.

These twice-weekly respites have helped turn the pages of their love story into a new, happier chapter. "I have a new lease on life," Edith said, with relief evident in her voice. "I have peace of mind knowing that Bob is okay when he's at The Little Red House. He's happier now. He questions me and he has an opinion. He's thinking more. It's a good sign. I give the people at The Little Red House a great vote of confidence."

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- Jim Powers, ACSW
Caregivers Support Services

» Jim earned his master's degree in social work from Michigan State University and has practiced counseling and social work in clinical outpatient settings since 1976.

- Edith Van Burgel
Wife, Caregiver of
Bob Van Burgel